Monday, August 10, 2015

Chiquita's jewelry work...some earring and bracelets

I like to get busy and create jewelry, what ever my mind look, and design is like a play time, after all I like the result, here what I design this weekend.. i posted over my Etsy store if you like for you.

Friday, July 31, 2015

New days come with new ideas...

My own doodling
Today I decide retake my old idea to chat between new ideas, projects and dreams. 
Art is a simple expression of your soul, if you are in balance the result always come easy with solutions and positive effects in your life.
If you are not, is not problem it all, could be that you are feeling sick, lonely, or only need a little chat, a book, friend, or any type of therapy where your mind get focus in the wonderful things that you could do for you... 
For you heart, your soul and mind.
So I'm here just to have FUN!...girls we can have fun in different ways, don't you think so???

 "Life is a whisper of melodies were anxious waits for magical events"

in  Process color pencil doodling .
All you like?